Winter Pastels

I am getting tired of this winter scenery (and weather)... I am ready for spring. Today I felt it was necessary to add some pastels, a subtle hint of colour, into my outfit! Today's location is at the University of Saskatchewan, in the Agriculture building! I love this building, so many windows and plants! Cardigan: Vero [...]


Considering that most of my closet consists of black and white clothing, I thought I might as well mix them together! Today's location is at the beautiful Innovation Place, one of my favourite places in Saskatoon. (I'll admit, it is much more appealing in the summer). Jacket: N Jeans: Noisy May Shoes: Call It Spring [...]

Pay It Forward

Today as I was walking out of a library at the University, a complete stranger turned to me and complimented me on my outfit. This not only took me by surprise but also made me quite happy, so I decided to blog about it. It made me think how a compliment has such a large [...]