Second Hand News

I am very excited and proud to announce that this entire outfit is all secondhand clothing and accessories. Buying clothes secondhand saves the atmosphere from further carbon pollution and the world from further chemical toxicity that would have been produced to create new clothing. Not only is my entire outfit all secondhand, but it is all made from natural fibres that will break down eventually – unlike synthetic clothing which releases plastic microfibres every time it is washed, which has lead to a massive pollution problem. I also want to mention that this entire outfit costed me around $100 Canadian. You can buy secondhand clothing, save money (and donate/spend it on things that really matter), and still look amazing! I encourage you to scout out your local thrift stores, vintage stores and Value Villages and have fun discovering treasures and embracing your true style through a more earth-friendly alternative.
Shirt: Hazlewood Vintage / Skirt: Closet Raid / Belt: Value Village /  Shoes: Closet Raid / Bag: Value Village / Ring: vintage / Watch: vintage Gucci /
Buy Less. Buy Used. Buy Better.

– Tiara

Up-Cycled Vintage Levi’s

Today I put together a very simple and relaxed summer look. On one of my usual Value Village hunts, I found a pair of Levi’s jeans. I decided to test my DIY skills and made them into these shorts! I paired them with a textured tank top. To bring them together I added this vintage leather belt, which was my mom’s in the 1980s. I also added two silver bracelets to bring out the silver in the belt buckle. The lace up sandals help to add to the carefree summer look.
I definitely recommend purchasing clothing items secondhand and altering them (if needed) as they create a truly unique look – as well as being more friendly to the environment – if they are composed of natural materials of course!

Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful,
– Tiara