The Pack is Back

The fanny pack is back! When I brought this fanny pack home from one of my thrifting outings & showed it to my parents, I thought it was quite funny when my dad said “Hey, that is exactly like the one I used to have!”

I wish I would have had a stylish fanny pack for when I went to Norway, it would have made things so much easier! Today I am sporting a microfibre-free outfit by wearing all natural materials! I thrifted these white pants, originally they were huge flare bellbottom jeans and to make them more modern I cut and sewed them to look like jeans that are more in style today – it was ridiculously easy!
Jacket: Zara (similar) {100% real leather & silk liner} / Sweater: Hazlewood Vintage {100% cotton} / Jeans: thrifted {100% cotton} / Fanny pack: thrifted {100% real leather} / Shoes: Last Shoes {100% real leather & handmade in Canada} / Necklace: Elizabeth.Lyn Jewelry {handmade in Saskatoon} / Sunglasses: Tres Noir Eyewear {handmade frame}

– Tiara

Whiskey Teacup

I have had the honour to get to know Laura Crossman, a very talented designer of Whiskey Teacup quite well over the past few months! Laura excels in creating clothing with unique materials and cuts. I first became aware of Whiskey Teacup at SFDF’s Deconstructed Runway, and quickly fell in love with the unique, modern and airy designs. I am obsessed with the textiles that are chosen to create the pieces, they definitely provide a distinct recognition for the brand. I am so excited to see how quickly Whiskey Teacup is gaining popularity, and I wouldn’t mind taking home every piece! I was joined here by two stunning models, Mary Catherine and Kendra, to showcase Whiskey Teacup’s designs for the 2015 look-book!
PicMonkey Collage
I love this pairing of the sheer sparkly dress with this skirt! This was my favourite outfit that I got to wear. However my favourite design has to be the white top and skirt with the long tassels! So beautiful and I love the movement!

Huge thank you to Kim and Derek of Chel Studio for the photography and Chel SalonSpa for the makeup and hair! And of course to Laura for being such a delight to work with and letting us model for her look-book!

– Tiara

I am Prairie Proud

A few days ago I was at the Farmers Market, and visited the Prairie Proud storefront. I have been wanting to pick up something for myself from their store for a long time. I really liked this blue hoodie, but I liked Prairie Proud’s commitment more.
Prairie Proud invests a portion of each sale made right back into prairie based charities. I love supporting local businesses, and I love how Prairie Proud supports local right back.
| hoodie: Prairie Proud | Shorts: minkpink (similar) | Shoes: Bamboo (similar) | Ring: Pandora (similar) |

Photography: Tanner

Are you Prairie Proud?
– Tiara

Color By Amber Jewelry

I had the opportunity to meet up with Trisha Fast, a premiere stylist from the company Color By Amber, an jewelry brand moving towards being more environmentally friendly!
Color By Amber is a brand that hand-makes their jewelry, which has a reduced impact on the environment and helps to support women artisans in impoverished villages across the world.

Color by Amber uses Ecoresin to create all their jewelry! Ecoresin is made from PETG, a primary material used in water bottles. Their Ecoresin is up-cycled from 40% pre-consumer products and the other 60% is pure copolyester. Ecoresin is also BPA-free. And here is the BEST part, each piece of jewelry is produced in a facility in the USA that sends absolutely nothing to the landfill!
The benefits of Ecoresin is that the jewelry is flexible and clear, tough and shatter resistant, doesn’t wear out and is comfortable and smooth on the skin. I love how light the pieces are!

I love looking at all the materials that they have used inside the Ecoresin, some include Sisal Fiber from Columbia, Bear grass from South Africa, Banana Fiber and Bamboo Rings from Nepal, leaves from China, Wool and Cotton from Mexico and many other great natural products!

Here are some of the pieces I was given to share with you all!


Necklace: Water Fall Necklace
Bracelets: Skinnies & Dichronic Cuff
Necklace: The Knot Necklace

Necklace: Pillar Necklace

It is great to see companies moving toward being more eco-friendly! I love that nothing is sent to the landfill, and I also love the jewelry! Shop the whole collection here!

– Tiara