A Step Up

I found these 1980s trousers at Northside Antiques when I was at the lake this summer. I’ve been on the hunt for this style of pant for years now and I am so excited that I finally found a pair that fit!
Shirt: Zara / Pants: Vintage / Shoes: Call it Spring / Jewelry: my grandmother’s / Lipstick: Nars /
trousersRFB6 (1)

– Tiara

Blushing Blooms

My favourite time of the year is when all of the trees and bushes are in full bloom. They look incredible – but I adore the aroma that the flowers give off the most. I wish the flowers lasted all summer long, but I figured why not dress like it all summer long?
Shirt: Stay / Jacket: Levi’s / Jeans: Zara / Shoes: Winners / Necklace: Soulfari / First Ring: vintage (my grandmother’s) / Second Ring: Hunt of Hounds / Purse: designed and handmade in Bergen by Vanja Knezic /

– Tiara

The Jean Dress

I drove out to this location after a thundershower – how beautiful is this scenery! We must push to preserve land like this from being covered with cement. When I first saw this vintage jean dress, I did not see it as a dress, instead I envisioned it as a cardigan. I put this ensemble together in my head, and I ended up really liking how it turned out.  All the jewelry I am wearing is locally made either in Saskatoon or within Canada! I’ve really been into layering denim lately – it creates such a unique look.
Jean Dress: vintage
Crop TopAritzia
JeansCalvin Klein
Shoes: Franco Sarto (similar)
Backpack: Indigo (similar)
Antler Necklace & ChokerArtifacts
Amethyst NecklaceSoulfari
BraceletMichelle Ross

– Tiara

Keep Your Wallet in a Buckle

Along with summer weather finally arriving, so do outdoor concerts, events and activities. I have never enjoyed having to haul a purse around to any of these, and it seems that Wallet Buckle has found a solution to my problem! This buckle has room to store multiple cards in the back of it, eliminating the need to carry a purse or wallet around!
This buckle has tiny little gems imbedded into the buckle, providing that intricate detail that I love!

– Tiara

Canadian Tux

Happy first day of spring! The sun is finally shining a little longer and the snow is starting to melt! I am welcoming in the new season wearing a Canadian tuxedo. First, can we talk about these jeans – I tend to be quite detail obsessed and I cannot get over how perfectly created these jeans are. My favourite detail is the little touch of corduroy. I tied the outfit together with vintage accessories, I turned a vintage key into a necklace, and paired it with this vintage metal belt. I don’t normally wear this much color, (Wednesday Addams and I get along) but I have to say I enjoyed it!
Outfit Details:
Jean Jacket: Garage
Shirt: Hardpressed
Jeans: Road to Awe
Shoes: Converse
Hat: Yellow 108
Belt: Vintage from Hazlewood

– Tiara

Standing on the Outside

This summer I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Wunsch, a photographer known for his stunning outdoor photography around Saskatchewan. We drove around looking for abandoned buildings in Saskatchewan for this epic photoshoot. Despite rain and bitterly cold winds, we were not deterred. Exploring abandoned buildings has been one of my favourite pastimes since I was a child and this was definitely my idea of a perfect way to spend the day.
When I found this mesh dress, I knew I had to have it – my obsession with mesh has grown over this past year (I blame Laurie Brown)! I also wore a pair of vintage earrings from my collection. I adore vintage jewelry and I believe it is simply the perfect way to make a statement.
Thanks to Kaitlyn from Untangled Hair Group for creating this epic up-do!

_MG_0831 resizedresized _MG_0931resized_mg_0860

Thank you Ryan for this incredible experience – it was great to share our love for photography and exploring Saskatchewan!

– Tiara

Comfy Layers & Running Shoes

Happy Back to the Future Day! I grew up watching the three movies, I am a huge fan of them and always remember being excited for this day to actually arrive. I created an outfit with running shoes, because today Nike released the Nike power laced shoes ‘Nike MAG’, as featured in the second Back to the Future film. These were the sneakers that Doc gave to Marty to wear on October 21, 2015 and today, Michael J. Fox received a pair from Nike. They are now a reality, and created with the hope to raise even more money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

I think it’s really interesting how much focus the sneakers were given in the 1989 movie, and now in 2015 (as predicted) street style is full of incorporating and making running shoes a key aspect in the overall outfit. The Nike MAG’s may not be my style exactly, but I am already lusting over these shoes, mostly because of the meaning behind them. Now all I need is a DeLorean!
Button-Up: Michael Kors
Sweater: Zara (similar)
Jacket: Vero Moda (similar)
Necklace: Soulfari Jewelry
Jeans: Noisy May
Runners: New Balance

The future is now!

– Tiara