Seeing Flåm

Hello from Flåm, Norway! I decided to take a solo trip to Norway for 10 days to treat myself because I worked really hard and had a really stressful third year of university. So here I am in Flåm – taking in all of these wonderful views with the help from my glasses from Glasses USA (because we all know that I am practically blind). These glasses help me to feel a little more hip, which is a godsend because everyone in Norway is SO stylish. Here are some photos of my adventures to and around Flåm!

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Glasses: Stepper frames from Glasses USA / Sweater: Value Village / Jean Jacket: Levi’s / Jacket: Steve Madden / Jeans: Levi’s / Shoes: Scarpa / Necklace: Audaviv

My apartment in Flåm

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I am seeing, with the help from these lovely frames! Here’s to going on spontaneous adventures!

– Tiara

Summer Basics

Do you ever find yourself reaching for those items in your closet again and again that seem to enhance every outfit? These are those pieces – just the basics that I keep on coming back to. This outfit is quite prepared for whatever summer throws at you!
Shirt: Aritzia
Jacket: Aritzia
Shorts: American Eagle (similar)
Shoes: Nike
Choker: Oneiro

– Tiara

White on White

This outfit is a one time occurrence, as almost every time I wear white I spill something on it or sit on something that stains it. This weekend is probably going to be the last nice weekend before colder weather starts staying for good, so crop top it is! Recently I have been pairing tops and pants of the same color, and introducing another accessory or layering piece that is a different color.
Jacket: Garage
Top: Garage (similar)
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Call it Spring

– Tiara

A Whole Lotta Denim

Although I am very sad to see them coming to an end, I’m enjoying the last few days of summer. I am joined here by my beautiful cousin, Sherene. I had some fun layering and playing with a denim on denim look.
Shirt: American Eagle
Jacket: Garage
Button Up: Lumiere
Jeans: Marciano
Shoes: Aldo Shoes
Jewelry: Hen & Chick Studios
Here I am joined by a new friend I made, found in a pasture as we were driving to the photo shoot location, which happens to be at the abandoned Sodium Sulphate plant.

– Tiara

Winter Hues


During a road trip, I couldn’t resist a few shots of my outfit and took advantage of the rare warmer weather! Yay for no frostbite in January!



Jacket: Garage
Scarf: Indigo
Leggings: Lulu Lemon
Shoes: Call It Spring
Purse: Steve Madden
Necklace: The Giving Keys

Thank You Tanner Afseth (⊗) for the photographs!

– Tiara

Casual Day

Hello All! Lately I have been quite busy with work but here is my outfit today! 
I got gel nails because I couldn’t stand painting my nails and having them chip that day. I love these gel nails I got, the colour is so beautiful. I love the gold sparkles with the pink colour! 


Hope you are all doing well!

– Tiara


Hello everyone! I cannot believe that it is June already! On Sunday I attended the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival’s Pose Event! It took place outside on a beautiful sunny day, and I got to watch emerging and established designers’ creations! I love how unique, wearable, and detailed the clothing is! The designers have sure delivered quality collections!

Here are some wonderful pictures of the event taken by my lovely friend, Ally Forand.

pose1I love this pattern on the dress and pants!pose2I’m loving the knits and details in this collection! pose4Beautiful summer outfits!

After the fashion show, I visited multiple tents that were set up around river landing where I could purchase the designers creations! I purchased some items and I will be sure to make a separate blog post about those later on this week! image-2image-3Heres some close ups taken by Danielle Larson

pose3I couldn’t forget about the beautiful flowers!

Here is what I wore:pose5pose6


All in all, I am so thankful and lucky that I could attend this Fashion and Design Festival here in Saskatoon! I certainly am more inspired and knowledgeable and I’ve gained a lot from this experience!

– Tiara

Visit to read more about the weekend!