Glutino Pretzel Chips

Let me introduce you all to my new favourite gluten and dairy-free snack, Glutino Pretzel Chips. They taste just like I remember normal pretzels tasting! I love how they are flat, great crunch and layering and dipping opportunities galore! These pretzel chips are so tasty by themselves, but my favourite way to enjoy them is […]

Glutino Homemade Pizza!

What is everyone’s favourite thing, pizza of course! So I decided to post about this wonderful gluten and dairy-free pizza I made! I used the Glutino Pizza Crust Mix to make the dough! I found with this mixture I needed extra gluten-free flour that I sprinkled on to keep the dough from sticking to the […]

Glutino Muffin Mix with Berries!

The Glutino Muffin Mix once again wins my approval on simplicity and tastebud satisfaction! This morning I made a batch of these muffins and I mixed in fresh blueberries and raspberries. I think these muffins taste best with nuts or berries mixed into them, otherwise they are quite plain.To keep this recipe completely gluten and […]

Glutino Multigrain Crackers

The funny packaging is right, these crackers are great for breakfast, lunchfast, dinnerfast and snackfast! These gluten and dairy-free crackers are great because they are quite good by themselves but also taste exceptional with sweet or salty toppings. I love spreading jelly on top of the cracker, then adding a few berries! What I love: […]