Natural Body Skincare Products

Natural products are more beneficial for our personal use and for the environment – so why not make the switch? I’ve been using natural products for almost a year now and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. My main focus is purchasing products that are made locally, are not packaged in plastic and are composed of natural ingredients.

Remember that REUSE (from reduce, reuse & recycle) is listed before recycle because reusing is more important and crucial in being more environmentally-friendly! Purchase products that either have no packaging, or that have packaging that can be safely reused for years to come. (Hint: Plastic is not something you want to be reusing – this is why I stress that we need to reduce our purchases of plastic altogether).

In the Shower:

Lush Solid Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Purchased from LUSH
  • 1 shampoo bar can last up to 80 washes
  • NO plastic! You can also purchase reusable tins!

These bars do not have any packaging and smell so wonderful! I know they are not 100% natural, however I have not had success with any completely natural shampoos and conditioners – I am still experimenting – but the shampoo & conditioner bar pros outweigh their cons. Just make sure to let them completely air-dry before you close the tin lid! There are tons of different options to choose from as well, at a very reasonable price.

Uncle Mike’s Body Scrub

  • Purchased from Uncle Mike’s
  • Made in Saskatoon
  • Comes in a reusable tin container!

This body scrub is completely natural & smells so good! This product slowly dissolves while exfoliating and leaves the skin moisturized.

Assorted Bar Soaps

  • Look for bar soap that has natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced and that does not have any packaging – I personally hate when natural bar soap has plastic packaging all around it – as it is not needed!
  • Ensure that the bar soap you’re purchasing is not made from sneaky chemical ingredients
  • Comparable products, like liquid body washes, contain petroleum-based detergents and added chemicals which are hormone disruptors and also pollute water systems – natural-ingredient bar soaps are safer!

I rub my bar soap into a loofa and wash my body – providing some extra exfoliation. Also, bar soap lasts so much longer than liquid body soap – which is better for the environment and also saves you some cash!


Body Lotions & Oils:

Northlore Lowlands Body Oil

  • Purchased from Green Tree Beauty (ps: every time you purchase something from Green Tree Beauty – they plant a tree)!
  • Packaged in reusable glass container
  • Made in Saskatchewan

This body oil has a wonderful smell, it has a light citrus scent which is musky at the same time – so both men and women can happily use it. I apply this all over my body and let it absorb before I put on clothes. I need to reapply this oil daily.

Lush Massage Bars/Body Butters

  • Purchased from LUSH
  • No packaging!
  • Finished product is not tested on animals

I love these lotion bars because there is no packaging which eliminates all the resources and energy that would usually go into creating packaging and there is no garbage! Also there is no waste with these bars, as you can use every last bit of them and not be concerned that any product is going to waste, like when you get lotion in a plastic bottle and you know theres still half a cup lurking in the bottom that you cannot get to!

Avocado Oil/Grape-seed Oil

  • Easy to buy in bulk
  • Easy to find in grocery stores
  • Cheap but great for your skin

Ensure that the container you are purchasing the oil in is not a plastic container! I pour the desired oil into a little glass container and use it in place of a lotion after dry-brushing and after a shower.


Facial Masks:

Redmond Clay

I mix this clay with water, honey, coconut milk or coconut water and apply it as a face mask. This clay draws-out toxins from the skin and it is safe to use on eczema patches! I am searching for some that I can purchase in a glass container – in the mean time I will make sure to recycle this container.

Northlore Plains Mud 

I mix this mask with either honey, coconut milk, or green tea. This powder mask smells amazing and is really good to use once every 2-3 weeks to help to maintain clear skin!



Uncle Mike’s Natural Deodorant

  • Purchased from Uncle Mike’s
  • This product is 100% natural
  • Made in Saskatoon

On my (long and smelly) journey in finding a natural deodorant that actually works, I always come back to this product. This is the best natural deodorant I’ve used and the smell is great for men and women. 1-2 swipes of this product last the entire day, and any slight oil stain left behind on clothing will easily wash out.

Wood’s Body Goods – Peppermint Breeze Natural Deodorant

  • Purchased from Green Tree Beauty 
  • Made in Canada
  • Cruelty-free, gluten-free, chemical-free
  • Uses simple ingredients from Canadian suppliers

This deodorant smells incredible and works well against body odours. However, I have to be careful to only use one swipe of this product, as it tends to leave a yellow oil stain on my shirts.

Saje Essential Oils & Perfumes

  • Purchased from Saje
  • 100% all natural ingredients
  • Pure essential oils
  • Saje uses ingredients that are derived from safe and renewable resources, and their packaging is reusable or recyclable.

I am obsessed with Saje products, I could spend my entire paycheque in that store. I love their products and I love how their products not only help me to smell great but also help to boost my mood, help with mental illness and my overall health. The chemicals that make up perfume are incredibly toxic to your health – this is why I made the switch to essential oils. You can customize your own personal scent by mixing essential oils as well – the possibilities are endless!


Everything Else: 

Dr. Dronner’s Pure Castile Soap

  • Purchased from Dad’s Organic Market, and is also easily ordered online!
  • 100% natural ingredients, certified organic, fair trade and vegan
  • Is every concentrated – a little goes a long way!
  • Can replace every toxic cleaner in the household
  • Can be used for dozens of uses

These soaps come in rose, eucalyptus, tea tree, almond, citrus, lavender, peppermint, and baby mild scents. This soap can be used for shaving, shampoo, dental hygiene, body wash, bathing, hand soap, laundry wash, pet wash, fruit and vegetable cleaner, plant pest spray, household cleaner, and so much more! Yes, this stuff is packaged in pesky plastic – but now I buy it in bulk and it lasts me for almost a year, and the container is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, however I’m still waiting for a better alternative!

I hope this helps you to make the switch over to natural products!

    – Tiara

The Miracle of Dry Brushing

Having soft, luxurious and glowing skin year round, yes it is possible!

Let me introduce you to Dry Brushing, the relatively cheap phenomenon to achieve your best skin yet! I know that you have probably come across articles about dry brushing multiple times, as the secret has been out for a long time. So instead I decided to blog about some of the tips and tricks I have discovered.

I have been dry brushing, every day, for over a year now, and I’m not afraid to say its the best thing I have done for my skin.

Here’s a quick rundown:
– Start dry brushing at your feet and work upwards, using long strokes on limbs and smaller circular motion for ankles, knees, elbows. Brush counterclockwise on stomach.
– Always brush towards the heart.
– Avoid cuts or skin irritations.
– Shower and fully cleanse body.
– Massage an oil (with essential oils if possible) all over body and allow it to soak in before dressing.
The Benefits:
– Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps our body to eliminate toxins.
– Dry brushing removes dead skin cells, and helps with cell renewal.
– Dry brushing requires a brush made with natural bristles.
– Dry brushing improves circulation.
– Overtime, dry brushing can reduce cellulite.
– Dry brushing exfoliates and is great for ensuring no more ingrown hairs form.
– Dry brushing can improve digestion.
– Dry brushing is invigorating and is a great way to reduce stress.
– Dry brushing regularly helps to achieve glowing, soft and smooth skin.

Here are some tips I have learnt:
1. I have eczema, and I thought that if I dry brushed my eczema patches and hands that it would remove the dry skin and make my skin smoother… please do NOT do this. This will only irritate and make your situation more painful. What I do recommend is avoiding dry patches and eczema while dry brushing, but pay more attention to those areas when applying the oil, and really massage the oil into them, ensuring it soaks in. This will not only improve but may even clear up most skin problems!

2. If you are new to dry brushing, or want to start, then it is very important that you do not over brush your skin. For the first two weeks, I just did a quick and gentle brush of my skin, until it got used to it. Once it starts to feel good to brush your skin, then you can increase the amount of time you spend brushing it.

3. My favourite thing to do is dry brush (in the shower so the dead skin can be easily washed away) then apply an oil and wait about 5 minutes to let it soak in. Then while I shower, my skin is protected from the hot water and is also able to absorb in more moisture due to the steam opening the pores. I will finish up with a natural and delicious smelling body wash. (Do not apply a lot of oil before the shower, just enough that can easily soak in as you do not want to make your shower slippery). Then after drying off I will apply a good quality body oil in place of a lotion.

4. Do not dry brush your neck or face, as the skin is thinner and more sensitive. However there are dry brushes made specifically for facial use.

5. Wash your dry brush after every use. I run mine under water and wash it with a mild tea tree soap, then leave it to dry for the next morning.

6. Since dry brushing is a bit more abrasive then your normal routine, it is very important you keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and following up with good body oil or lotion.


In conclusion, I have found that dry brushing regularly has completely eliminated any bumps on my skin, and has made my skin soft and smooth. I have found that in combination with dry brushing and using body oils afterward, that my scars have faded quickly as well! It is also a healthier alternative then slathering on lotions full of artificial perfumes and chemicals! I encourage you to give it a try!

– Tiara