Cry to Heaven

It was the first time I had driven after my surgery for endometriosis, and the first time I had gone out alone after the surgery as well. I decided to pop into Better Off Duds for a peek. I was looking through the band t-shirts, I had reached the large section and something told me to flip one more hanger and THERE IT WAS… a vintage Meat Loaf concert t-shirt. In the 7+ years that I have been actively thrifting I have always wanted to find a vintage Meat Loaf shirt. I could not believe I had finally found one. God bless vintage sizes as well because this shirt was marked as a large, but fits like a small. I think Meat Loaf albums are truly creative masterpieces (artistically and musically) and I don’t think I’ll ever stop being excited about this incredible find. Also, check out this vintage suede skirt I found as well… a match made in heaven.
Shirt: Better Off Duds / Skirt: Better off Duds / Shoes: Thrifted / Purse: Thrifted / Sunglasses: Better Off Duds / Lipstick: Bite Beauty / Jacket: Zara / BraceletMichelle Ross /

– Tiara

Kongos Concert!


Yesterday Night I had the pleasure of going to see Kongos in concert! AND I loved them, this is huge because I rarely enjoy today’s music. However these 4 brothers are incredible live and they all have genuine talent! (not to mention being easy on the eyes as well)! I love how their sound is so unique, I have never heard anything like it – it is very refreshing! Here is the lovely tank top I bought with their logo on the front! I was lucky and had the band sign my CD and tank top in person, and I got pictures with them as well! They were quite patient as my friends and I each requested a picture..or a few.. haha!


My favourite Kongos songs are I Want to Know, Hey I Don’t Know, Come With Me Now, Take Me Back & This Time I Won’t Forget!

Here are the pictures of me with the band, they aren’t the best because they are only phone quality!


I do hope that they come back to Saskatoon soon!

Now onto the outfit, I have really always loved rusty reds and acid wash together, I think they compliment each other so well!

Top: Kongos Concert Merchandise
Jeans: Just Black Highrise Acid Ankle Skinny
Scarf: Nancy Durham
Boots: Target


Hope your weekend was great!

– Tiara