Tangy Lemon Dessert

By now you all probably realize that I dip everything in chocolate, and truthfully it is because it makes everything better. These Glutino Lemon Wafers have the perfect tang to mix with a sweet chocolate and ice-cream. I love these lemon flavoured wafers, they are light, crispy & creamy, and zesty. I will go through […]

Glutino Toaster Pastries

Time to introduce your morning routine to some fun, Glutino has helped to make mornings a little bit easier with their toaster pastries! No matter what your mornings look like, these delicious toaster pastries will help to make them a little better. High in fibre and satisfying, these pastries just need to be popped into the toaster […]

Glutino Pretzel Love

Ah, pretzels, the perfect snack food! Glutino really knows how to amp up your favourite munchie with their: Buffalo-Style Pretzels, these pretzels are hot and spicy, full of flavour! The Honey Mustard Pretzels which are savoury sweet with a slight spiciness to them, and the Pretzel Chips are a salty flatbread pretzel, and they are perfect for […]

Glutino Pretzel Chips

Let me introduce you all to my new favourite gluten and dairy-free snack, Glutino Pretzel Chips. They taste just like I remember normal pretzels tasting! I love how they are flat, great crunch and layering and dipping opportunities galore! These pretzel chips are so tasty by themselves, but my favourite way to enjoy them is […]

Glutino Homemade Pizza!

What is everyone’s favourite thing, pizza of course! So I decided to post about this wonderful gluten and dairy-free pizza I made! I used the Glutino Pizza Crust Mix to make the dough! I found with this mixture I needed extra gluten-free flour that I sprinkled on to keep the dough from sticking to the […]