DIY Shirt Designs!


I always find myself wishing I could find shirts with band logos, or great quotes or cute designs without breaking the bank. So I decided to get crafty and make some myself! This is a simple DIY project and is so rewarding in the end! All you need is:

– Iron-On Transfer Sheets (found at Staples, Michaels or Walmart)
– Ink Jet Printer & Computer
– Plain Cotton or Polyester Shirt
– Iron
– Wooden Cutting Board
– Scissors


1. Choose a design you want to print onto the transfer sheets.
(if the design has words, remember to flip the image horizontally before you print it, so when ironed onto the shirt it is readable)!
2. Print the image onto the transfer sheet and let it dry for 30 minutes.
3. While that is drying, you can get your iron, wooden cutting board, shirt and scissors.
4. Cut around the design. (be careful not to touch the design with your fingers as it still may smear).
5. Put the wooden cutting board in-between the shirt and position the design face down onto the shirt.
6. Iron the design onto the shirt! Don’t forget to iron the edges of the design really well. I usually iron for longer than the instructions advise to ensure it adhered properly.
7. Peel the backing off of the design and let the image cool before washing the shirt (this will remove the stiff look of the design) and make sure you lay it flat to dry! Stretching will cause the design to crack.
8. Show off your new awesome shirt!

— I am using the instructions from my specific brand of Transfer Sheets, make sure to read the instructions on yours in case there are any differences! —


Now you have your very own beautifully designed tops!

– Tiara


DIY Makeup Repair!

DIY Makeup Repair!

Eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, any type of pressed powders are usually expensive however they are prone to breaking quite easily. I was almost at the point of throwing this palette away even though I loved the colours, so I decided to try the rubbing alcohol trick. This was actually a great, easy and cheap quick fix!
1. Make sure you are doing this over lots of newspaper or over a protected surface as the rubbing alcohol will remove the finish on most surfaces.
2. Pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol into the container, just so its saturated.
3. I used my finger to start smoothing and flattening the eyeshadow out (if the product is sticking to your finger a lot add just a bit more rubbing alcohol).
4. I left it sit overnight to ensure it was completely dry.
5. While you are waiting for it to dry you can use some rubbing alcohol to sterilize and clean the rest of your makeup palette!


So its really simple and really quite useful, saves me from throwing money away!

– Tiara

Room Purification Spray

Room Purification Spray

As promised, here is my favourite room purification spray made with essential oils. This spray is very easy to make which is great because I go through it so fast. It smells amazing!
The orange and lavender create an uplifting and relaxing scent. They also are very effective at cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing the air in your home! Make sure you shake this spray very well before using to make sure you mix up all the oils (that will probably be separated on the top of the water).

Why these oils?
Lavender Essential Oil: provides a beautiful soothing scent along with natural disinfectant properties!
Sweet Orange Essential Oil: is great at cleaning and cutting through grease and dirt and freshens the air with great deodorizing properties.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil: very good for cleaning the air as it has proven disinfectant and antiseptic properties.

You will need:
– Distilled Water
– 35 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
– 20 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil
– 5 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
– a glass or metal spray bottlelcroomspray2

Tip: Be careful of how much you spray around hardwood or tile floors as the oil may cause it to get a bit slippery! If you are worried, wipe the floors down after you spray as this will also clean and disinfect the floor!

Hope you enjoy!
– Tiara

The Miracle of Essential Oils

The Miracle of Essential Oils

The Oils: Essential Oils can be used to heal the body and mind. The most important thing is to purchase the purest Essential Oils, cheaper oils will usually be diluted or have synthetic manufactured perfume mixed in. This makes them less effective and also dangerous if treated like a pure oil. Also try to make sure the glass container is dark to protect the oil from light. Pure essential oils should not be applied directly unless diluted. You should remember that Essential oils are very potent, when used in large quantities they can be toxic. Less is more! Like any other product, you should ensure that you are not allergic to each oil by testing a small area on your skin prior to using it regularly.

Dilution: my favourite way to dilute essential oils is to mix them with coconut oil, grape seed oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. (water will NOT work).

Perfume: Of course, essential oils would be a natural, pure and nontoxic perfume that you can specifically make to suit your exact needs. You play with mixing different scents that you like or which have the health benefits that you require. One way to create your own perfume is here! You can make a solid perfume and you can replace the essential oil I used with one or multiple essential oils that you desire.

Cleaning: Essential Oils have antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties. They can be used to clean the air, clean countertops, freshen up laundry, clean the bathroom and much more. Essential oils will disinfect and leave any surface smelling good! The best oils to use for cleaning are orange, peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Stay tuned as I will be making cleaning solutions and blogging about them soon!

The Oils I Own:
(I recommend using the oils externally: Aromatically – diffused or inhaled. Topically –  applied onto skin within a carrier oil. Usually 1 drop of essential oil in 2-3 tsp of carrier oil).

Peppermint Oil: is used for awakening the body, increasing focus, curing a headache and upset stomach.

Lavender Oil: is used to calm and relax the body, relieves panic and anxiety attacks, can be used to help induce a great sleep. Perfect for insomnia, stress or anxiety.

Sweet Orange: is used to treat stress, slow digestion, colds, dull skin, and can be used as a household cleaner. Also can be used as a safe insect repellent!

Rosemary: is used to for indigestion, stress relief, respiratory problems, promotes healthy hair growth, and boosts brain activity.

Tea Tree Oil: is used to fight infections, is effective against bacteria, reduces acne, lessens the appearance of scars, helps fight dandruff, can be used as a cleaner and can be used to deter ants.

Eucalyptus Oil: is used to decongest and can treat a cold, has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, can soothe insect bites, has a cooling and refreshing effect, can help stimulate the brain and can relieve stress and pain.

I love essential oils and they can be used to create your own lotions, leave in hair conditioners, perfumes and as well as providing healing. I am not saying that essential oils will cure you or will act like a medication would, but they are a natural solution to aid you with your overall health that is definitely worth trying.essoils2

– Tiara

DIY Lavender Solid Perfume

DIY Lavender Solid Perfume

Hello Everyone! Today I decided to make myself some lavender solid perfume because of all the health benefits that came with it. I love the smell of lavender and as a sufferer of anxiety and stress I knew that Lavender essential oil would help me to relax. This is a pretty simple DIY project! All you need is:

1. 55 drops of Pure Essential Lavender Oil
2. 1 tablespoon of pure grated beeswax
3. 1 tablespoon of Jojoba Oil
4. A glass container to put the mixture into


So there are a lot of ways on how to make solid perfumes on the internet but here is the easiest way I found:
1. Take a pot and fill it about 1/4 full of water and set a smaller pot on top of the water. Put the burner on low to medium heat.
2. Grate a tablespoon of beeswax
3. Put the beeswax into the smaller pot and it should start melting
4. Add in a tablespoon of Jojoba Oil and 55 drops of Lavender Oil
5. Slightly tilt the pot so all the mixture runs up against the side and stir well
6. Quickly pour into a glass container (as it will start drying quite quickly!)
7. Allow to completely dry then twist on the lid!


I decided to use Lavender Oil because I love the scent and it has many health benefits for me, but you can use any pure essential oil you like, and can even mix them! Just remember to always keep the beeswax and jojoba oil ratio 1:1 incase you want to make smaller or larger amounts. This was a very simple and quick process, and the smell actually lasts quite long as long as nothing (like clothes) rub against it. It is easily applied by rubbing your finger in it and placing it wherever you want the perfume to stand out. I love how I can just bring this little container anywhere and I can also just smell it for an instant calm. Highly recommend you all to try this! It is fun to create a unique scent for yourself!
– Tiara

DIY Earring Organization

If you have a lot of earrings and are scrambling to find a matching pair in the mornings, I know exactly how you feel. I have accumulated quite a few earrings and I have come up with a simple organizational solution – and if you ever decide that you want to change up your organization, then this can be recycled!

You will need:

– A Small Circle Punch (1.5 cm)
– A Small One-Hole Hole Punch
– A Sheet of Thick Paper


First, you will have to punch out many little circles. Then you take each of the circles and punch in 2 small holes vertical to each other with the tiny hole punch. The earring posts go through these two small holes. Then you can put the paper circle with your earrings into your jewelry box and next time finding the matching pair will be simple and easy!

An alternative to these paper circles is using buttons! However I do not have that much room in my jewelry box so I decided to go with the more flexible and thinner alternative. Feel free to show me your completed DIY project for Earring Organization on instagram @rawfashionblog!

– Tiara

DIY London Fog

T: DIY London Fog

I woke up today and it was snowing, so I decided to make myself a London Fog and watch the snow fall. I decided to learn how to make this steamer myself because most places don’t offer any dairy-free alternatives and I miss steamers! Also, this is a very affordable recipe, as you can reuse the ingredients for many more steamers! You’re probably also reducing waste as you will not need a paper cup like you would get from a coffee shop!

This will be dairy-free (and of course gluten-free also). The ingredients & items needed are:

    1. Silk True Almond Original
    2. Earl Grey Tea *
    3. Pure Almond Extract (or)
    4. Pure Vanilla Extract **
    5. A Mug
    6. A Pot
    7. A Whisk

* Use decaffeinated earl grey tea if you have an autoimmune disease.
** Do not use pure vanilla extract if you adhering to an AIP diet, or use alcohol-free extracts.


1. First fill your mug with Almond Milk, leaving about half an inch from the top.
2. Poor that milk into a small pot, and put it on your stove on Low Heat. You need to be very careful not to overheat the milk as it will burn, resulting in a bad flavour.

3. Every 3 minutes, give the milk a good whisk for about 30 seconds. (you should be creating a bubbly foam on top of the milk).

4. Prep your mug and put 4 drops of Pure Almond Extract in and 1 to 2 Earl Grey Teabags (depending on how strong you want it to taste).
5. After the milk is heated to a desired heat (about 15 minutes for me) pour it back into your mug.
6. Give it a stir and enjoy!


– Tiara