We Belong

The seasons are starting to change, crops are being harvested and cooler temperatures are setting in. This gives rise to layering, heavier textiles and warmer wears. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love dressing for the autumn season. I also love the smell of the dropped leaves, the crunch of them under my feet, and the whole hygge aspect of it all.

Here I styled some vintage trousers, which believe it or not, I had sitting in a box of clothing which I wished to consign. Truthfully, when I had bought them secondhand a few years ago, styling them seemed like a task to me. I found the length of them awkward when paired with some of my shoes and the colour difficult to incorporate into my wardrobe. This was before I went through a massive overhaul of my closet. When I moved into my own place, I did not have any closets, only walls. Therefore, I only took my main wardrobe essentials, while leaving the rest of my closet in storage. When I eventually purchased a wardrobe for my new space, I had been separated from most items in my closet for over a month. Therefore, some of the attachment to them was gone. I was able to let go of pieces that I had been unnecessarily holding onto for years, and see my remaining clothing items in a new light. Once I had my key wardrobe pieces in my new place, I actually dug through my consignment box to resurrect these trousers. Without all the clutter and confusion, I was able to style them with confidence. Here’s proof that bringing a more minimal aspect to your wardrobe really helps to make the most of what you already own.

Cotton turtleneck: KOTN / Vintage leather jacket: thrifted / Vintage leather belt: thrifted / Vintage trousers: Hazlewood Vintage / Gold necklace: oNecklace / Vintage leather backpack: thrifted / Vintage leather Dr. Martens: Hazlewood Vintage

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