You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

It has almost been a year since I convocated from University and I am just starting to be able to wind down. I am taking some time to learn embroidery, I am trying to read more, and take better care of my health. I have started going to Pilates regularly and I am so proud of myself for that alone. I finally feel like I am starting to come into myself.

Now since I have started to spend more time on my feet, my body has started to remind me of how incompetent it is – how lovely. I have been trying to make the best of it by regularly going to my physical therapy and acupuncture appointments. However, there is lots that I am able to do from home that can help as well. I have been wearing compression socks regularly for several health benefits, these graduated compression socks were given to me from Supporo.

These compression socks have helped my legs to feel better after a long day and also help my feet to feel a little less like Antarctica – a win-win if you ask me. Previously I have only been able to find plain black compression socks, however Supporo provides fun and trendy options to choose from, like these! I have also been wearing their compression sports socks when I am taking more intense Pilates classes. They reduce muscle soreness and quicken recovery time, because muscle pain socks (see what I did there).

When it comes to making new purchases, the most sustainable option should be sought out. However, never feel guilty for putting your health first. Even though our health also does correlate directly with the health of the environment and synthetic materials have a detrimental impact on the environment, sometimes you must find the happy medium. I have been advised by my dermatologist and prescribed by my doctor for compression socks to help with capillary breakage, varicose veins, and low circulation. Since compression socks are completely or mostly composed of synthetic materials, I hand-wash mine in my GuppyFriend Washing Bag from STOP! Micro Waste. This ensures that none of the synthetic microfibres from my compression socks will go into the waterways. This way, I can feel good about being proactive about my health and protecting the environment at the same time!

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