The Woman in Red

Today I am celebrating one of my favourite brands, CHNGE. I love the message on their products and behind their products. They only use organic cotton, and they also ensure that that zero harmful chemicals or pesticides were used on the cotton. They save over 500 gallons of water for every shirt produced and use less energy compared to conventional cotton shirts. They also offset all of the carbon emissions from their production and our use to make the shirts carbon neutral. Don’t even get me started on how much I love the designs and the messages on the clothing. It is a brand I am very comfortable with supporting.

Also, a huge thank you Karyn Kimberley for the photography!

The necklaces that I am wearing are from Hunt of Hounds and Peaks and Prairies.

This red purse is from the SheNative Red Collection which I discussed in detail here!

Most of the clothing that makes up the rest of my outfits is from Hazlewood Vintage, a local vintage shop here in Saskatoon that I love supporting.

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