I have been the lucky recipient of several vintage film cameras in my life (my favourites are my mother’s Ricoh KR-5 Super and my grandmother’s Olympus OM-1). Although I did have my own film camera as a girl, my love for more elaborate vintage cameras has grown. I have been shooting strictly in manual mode for 6 years on my NikonD5300 so that has helped immensely when it comes to using and understanding film cameras.

I have grown to love film so much that on my 25th birthday I was visiting my favourite antique shop (Northside Antiques) and I saw a late 1990s Canon Sure Shot Owl Prima AF-8 film camera and decided to add it to my collection. I have to admit, my Ricoh and Olympus take higher quality photos and are more complex cameras, however I did enjoy the simplicity of the Canon.

I named this blog post after Def Leppard’s Photograph (you might have noticed that I am quite keen on naming my blog posts after song titles). I love that song and when I found out that they wrote that song about Marilyn Monroe, I loved it even more.

Here are some of the photos I had developed from the Canon Sure Shot Owl on expired black and white film.

rings from onecklace

I am always excited to save perfectly good working items from ending up in the landfill by putting them to good use and giving them a home. I hope to continue to post about newly developed photographs from my other vintage film cameras soon!

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