Earth, Wind and Fire

When I’m not accessorizing my secondhand outfits with vintage jewelry, I accessorize with local or sustainable jewelry instead. Luckily, Alauna Whelan creates both local & sustainable jewelry options and they are beyond beautiful. She gifted me with this stunning necklace and I haven’t taken it off since. Alauna finds her inspiration in nature and has clarified her journey through understanding how connected we are with Mother Nature. She has intertwined natural elements into all that she creates.

I am wearing the Security, Earth Necklace. The earth element represents security through grounding, strength & growth. This necklace is handcrafted using recycled fine silver. It has a red garnet gemstone, which is a stone of passion and love. It is an energizing and regenerative stone and aids in awareness. I have an affinity for jewelry that is unique and intricate. I also love supporting brands that handcraft their items, which means that no two items are the same. I love the usage of recycled fine silver and I can feel good about supporting jewelry that is not only timeless, but will last a lifetime as well.

Wool turtleneck: French Connection (secondhand from Stasia Boutique) / Cashmere sweater: thrifted / Wool & camel hair jacket: Bernard Cowan (vintage from Hazlewood Vintage) / Wool & angora bucket hat: thrifted / Leather boots: vintage from Hazlewood Vintage / Jeans: sustainably & ethically made from Nobody Denim / Necklace: Alauna Whelan

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