Inflammation Busters

As a person with several autoimmune diseases and mental illnesses, I am very used to doctors pushing medications that are only bandaid solutions for my problems. These medications usually mask or numb the problem, without actually helping to treat it. They also come with an incredibly long list of side effects. I am aware of all the advancements that western medicine has been able to achieve, however sometimes the reliance on a strictly western-only perspective is more damaging than helpful for many individuals. I am a firm believer in finding a healthy balance between western medicine & holistic or natural care. Therefore, when Birch + Fog reached out to me to gift me some products that will help me manage my chronic pain, inflammation & mental health, I gladly accepted.

Apothecary Naturals Hemp Cramp Pain Roll On

The Apothecary Naturals Hemp Cramp Pain Roll On consists of: MCT oil, Ginger, Peppermint, Lavender, Lemongrass, & Hemp Terpenes

This roller is a delight to use as I can easily roll it onto my abdomen when I am having chronic pain or cramping. I think my favourite thing about this product, other than its ability to help reduce pain, cramping and inflammation, is the smell. The smell of this product immediately helps to put me into a better space. Whenever I am experiencing pain in my abdomen, due to Endometriosis or an intestinal issue, it directly impacts my mental health and I tend to feel very depressed. I am thankful and amazed that this product is able to take me out of that dark space and help me to continue with my day.

OMNI Essential Oil Roll-On in Unwind

The OMNI Essential Oil Roll-On in Unwind consists of: Sweet almond oil, Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang ylang, Myrtle, Chamomile, & THC Distillate (80mg)

I only apply this roller at nighttime to help me relax and fall asleep. I roll this product on the bottom of my feet, and since I have a very sensitive body, a little goes a long way. This product helps to soothe my anxiety or restlessness and helps me to fall asleep sooner. Several years ago, I used to have insanely bad insomnia and sometimes would go 3 days without any sleep at all. Lately, it just takes me a very long time to fall asleep and if I wake up during the night I cannot get back to sleep. However, after using this product I am able to feel myself relaxing and getting tired. I can fall asleep easier and I can sleep better. I actually found that when I use this product I dream more, which suggests I am spending more time in REM sleep. This product has a very light but enjoyable smell. I do find that sometimes the day after using this product, I am drowsier so I just need to figure out the dosage and timing that will benefit me most. Everyone is so individualized and taking the time to experiment and find what works best for you is important!

(As a precaution, it is important to not use any product with THC if you are driving, as it is dangerous and illegal. Also keep this product away from children and pets).

Delush CBD Solvent-Free Tincture

The Delush CBDSolvent-Free Tincture oil consists of: CBD Isolate (600mg), & Organic MCT oil

This CBD oil is something that I have been using almost every single day for the past month. CBD oil does not cause psychoactive effects, therefore I am able to use it throughout the entire day. This product is completely tasteless, which is a huge plus for me as I usually drop the oil under my tongue. Admittedly, this product is not very strong so I do have to use more of it at a time. I think next time I purchase a CBD oil, I will get one that is more concentrated. However, I think this CBD oil would be a great option for individuals starting out with CBD oil for the first time. This CBD oil does help to lessen my anxiety and inflammation. I really struggle with Endo Belly and other conditions with my intestines that cause a lot of inflammation. My abdomen gets so inflamed and swollen that I feel like my skin is going to tear. Since using this product every single day for a month, my Endo Belly is a little less of a monster, which is incredible for me.

Using these products in combination or by themselves has really helped me to manage my chronic pain, inflammation and mental health in a way that I am comfortable and happy with. I love how I have the choice to use these products whenever I need or as a preventative solution.

Overall, I am really impressed with the products that Birch + Fog carry and I cannot wait to try more! Check out my first post about CBD products here! Feel free to use the code RAWFASHIONBLOG for $20 off your order!

It is extremely important that any products containing CBD or cannabis are not used if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under 18. Also, consult with your doctor to ensure that your CBD product does not interfere with any medications you may be taking.

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