Sharing Memories

One of my favourite things to do is to chat with my grandparents over the phone. They often wish they could see what I am talking about, as my grandparents do not have cell phones and live far away. This makes sharing pictures with them a little more difficult than we are used to. Therefore, when Neveo reached out to me and asked if I’d like to start creating photo albums that will automatically get sent to my grandparents, I was thrilled. 

Neveo is a monthly family photo album that can be shared with family and friends across the world. Each monthly album contains up to 50 photos with room for a little write up about each photo. The photos can be uploaded via phone using the app or on your laptop using the website. Once signed in, Neveo has a countdown that will help remind you to upload your photos before the end of each month. What you receive is a paper photo album that contains 50 photos, your added write-up, and extra space for the receiver to add in their own notes beside the picture.

Yes, this photo album is printed on paper. Yes, this paper should be Forest Stewardship Council approved and there should be more transparency on where the paper comes from, as well as transparency in the production process – this is something that this newer company can work towards.

However, let’s keep in mind that just because something is printed on paper does not make it inherently unsustainable. Also, this use of paper allows people, such as my grandparents, to have the ability to view pictures that they may not otherwise be able to see. Their joy in viewing these pictures is very important as well. It is wise to remember that the technology that is commonly replacing physical pictures or albums is not that sustainable either. Technology needs to be powered and right now most of the world still gets its power from burning coal. Coal-burning power plants emit dangerous substances that lead to environmental degradation and health concerns. Burning coal for power releases detrimental levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which increases the rates of climate change. I will not even go into how many parts that make up a cellphone or computer, such as the plastics, batteries, etc., that cannot be properly recycled and are extremely dangerous if disposed of. Also, the slavery that is sometimes involved with gathering the raw materials that make up technology cannot be ignored. Therefore, the next time the sustainability of something on paper is compared to technology – think about the real price behind each item. These photo albums can be saved and enjoyed for years to come and eventually can be recycled or can biodegrade. Our cell phones certainly do not have that lifespan or capability to break down into safe components if they end up in the environment.

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