Over the past five years I have been working towards my degree which focused on researching and studying the environment in a holistic and comprehensive manner. I have focused on soil genesis, plant ecology, plant and soil identification, assessing environmental impact, Indigenous studies, anthropology, environmental soil science, sustainable plant and soil management, forest ecology, terrestrial restoration, urban agriculture, toxicology, history of Indigenous agriculture in Canada, archeology and sustainability (to name a few).

June 5, 2019 was my convocation from the University of Saskatchewan and I am so proud to be a woman in science. I am a sustainable blogger because the environment has always been my passion. You can also be assured that the plethora of research that goes into writing my posts is unbiased and up to date.

I convocated with a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Resource Management with Great Distinction, a Major in Resource Science, a Minor in Soil Science and a Certificate in Sustainability.

To celebrate, I dressed up in two vintage dresses and got some pictures taken around the Agriculture Building on Campus, where I spent most of my degree. Huge thank you to Karyn Kimberley for the amazing photography.

Vintage Yellow Dress

I found this vintage dress at a garage sale half a decade ago and decided to pull it out of storage and give it a wear before it doesn’t fit me anymore. The necklace and earrings were my grandmother’s.

Vintage Purple Dress

I thrifted this vintage dress from Northside Antiques a few years ago and I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to wear it. The jewelry I am wearing here is the exact same jewelry I wore for my grade 12 graduation. It is so important to invest in high quality & timeless items that you can wear, save, and wear again!

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