Sustainable Events

Hosting events and parties is exciting, however it can also be overwhelming and unsustainable. Nevertheless, there are ways to make your gatherings more sustainable – it’s actually not as difficult as you may think! I have been putting together quite a few events this Spring and I am proud to say that I have been able to keep them mostly zero-waste or low-waste! Here is how I do it!

Buy Food in Bulk

Before the event, I go to a local bulk store (I personally love Bulk Basket in Saskatoon) and I bring a bunch of my own glass jars. I weigh my jars, write down the weight with a glass marker, then proceed to fill them with bulk snacks. I make sure to include sweet, salty & savoury options for my guests. Then I place them on a table and provide reusable options to serve & plate them with. These snacks were a huge hit at my last event!

Reusable Decor

When it comes to decor, I make sure to only invest in secondhand items that can be reused. I will never purchase balloons, confetti, streamers, or any single-use items that will just end up in the garbage after the event (and create even more garbage for our overflowing landfills). Instead, a few weeks before my event I go to secondhand stores and thrift shops and look for fun decor that will look beautiful and be functional. I love to purchase secondhand mason jars and place them around the event with little beeswax tea light candles burning inside them – so simple yet so beautiful! After the event I can use the jars to buy more things in bulk or for DIY projects!

Go Paperless

Going paperless with your invitations or flyers for your events is an easy way to be more sustainable. My personal favourite is to log onto Paperless Post and start looking through all of the beautiful cards that you can create online. The invitations are sent via email, so not only is this zero-waste, it also allows your guests to respond and communicate in real time. Invitations sent this way are also so much more convenient for your guests. Once the guest opens the email, they are presented with your beautifully designed card, the choice to attend or not attend (which you will be notified about), options to add the event to their calendar app, a map showing the location of the event and the option to send the you (the host) messages. I used this site to create the invitations for my graduation party and I am thoroughly impressed!

How beautiful is this invitation? I created this from a pre-made template and all I had to add was my information! There were so many options to customize the invitation further, making this site ideal for picking and designing charming invitations, cards or flyers for any event!

Will your next event be more environmentally-friendly?

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