Everything Under the Sun

Well, I finished the last final of my degree a week ago and now I actually have some free time to work on my own personal projects! I am so excited about this outfit – it consists of only natural materials! This outfit was captured by the wonderful Karyn Kimberley.

Since this is a 100% natural fibre outfit, the pieces will completely biodegrade when their lifespan is over, or can be 100% recycled into something new (metal earrings & accessories). No polluting or toxic synthetics or synthetic microfibres here! Clothing is meant to be saved & cherished throughout the generations. It should also be able to naturally biodegrade (after it has been carefully cared for and donated). This is only possible if high-quality pieces are invested in, if they consist of only natural fibres, & if they are carefully taken care of. These clothing items spark some MAJOR joy!

Wool turtleneck: French Connection (secondhand from Stasia Boutique) / Merino wool sweater: Aritzia / Vintage suede skirt: Better Off Duds / Bracelet: Michelle Ross / Vintage purse: my grandmother’s in the 1970s / Vintage suede boots: my mother’s in the 1980s / Vintage earrings: thrifted /

Photography: Karyn Kimberley

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