If I Could Turn Back Time


If I could turn back time, if I could find a way, I’d bring back all the vintage denim or I’d probably stay.

These jeans were my mom’s in the 1980s and I always laugh when I see them – the brandname is Fancy Ass – it just doesn’t get better than that. Finding your denim secondhand is beneficial for the environment, as newly created denim can have a rather harsh impact and high usage of resources. My auntie kindly gifted me this top of hers when she was going through her closet and my cousin gave me these shoes, I encourage you to do a clothing swap with your family and friends! Items that others may no longer see value in are still valuable to someone else!

A huge thank you to Larissa Uy for her photography & for capturing the moment.




Top: Simon Chang (secondhand) / Jeans: Fancy Ass (secondhand) / Jacket: Levi’s / Handmade Leather Bag: Creature Leather / Jewelry: vintage (thrifted) / Shoes: secondhand






– Tiara

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