Seeing Flåm


Hello from Flåm, Norway! I decided to take a solo trip to Norway for 10 days to treat myself because I worked really hard and had a really stressful third year of university. So here I am in Flåm – taking in all of these wonderful views with the help from my glasses from Glasses USA (because we all know that I am practically blind). These glasses help me to feel a little more hip, which is a godsend because everyone in Norway is SO stylish. Here are some photos of my adventures to and around Flåm!


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Glasses: Stepper frames from Glasses USA / Sweater: Value Village / Jean Jacket: Levi’s / Jacket: Steve Madden / Jeans: Levi’s / Shoes: Scarpa / Necklace: Audaviv

My apartment in Flåm

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I am seeing, with the help from these lovely frames! Here’s to going on spontaneous adventures!

– Tiara

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