Black Lace


At the beginning of September, I met up with Ryan Wunsch and we headed out to the Great Canadian Sandhills. We had been discussing doing this shoot for a year, and it finally happened! This is a location that I visited when I was just a little girl, and it has mystified me since. The dunes are actually quite smaller then they were 10 years ago, as the native grassland has started growing over top the dunes. However this is still such a picturesque location, and I would like to emphasize how important it is to respect this landscape.

My outfit is from Free People & the necklace is vintage. I fell in love with this dress because it reminded me of something Stevie Nicks might have worn. I like how this dress is effortlessly feminine, and how the tiered lace skirt flows around my body – and yet it still portrays an edgy look, which I am a huge fan of.








Thank you Sherene for joining me in this adventure, and thank you Ryan once again for this incredible opportunity.

– Tiara

6 thoughts on “Black Lace

  1. Love it! So artistically designed. Love Ryan’s work. He makes all my childhood memories come to light in a new and beautiful, yet familiar world. Sandra Baumann (nee Gies) – Rick’s sister.

  2. Wow; your photos make me so homesick. Also, love the ones of the house my mother grew up in and my dad’s feedlot. Bev Pittman (Rick’s other sister)

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