See Through Me

Tiara (NRomanoff)-7
Here is PART II of my collaboration with Laurie Brown and Nicole Romanoff! I love these sheer pieces, and how they create such an edgy, yet feminine look. All of Laurie’s pieces are so high fashion and unique, I love wearing them!
Tiara (NRomanoff)-27
Tiara (NRomanoff)-28
Tiara (NRomanoff)-21
Tiara (NRomanoff)-23
Here I introduced a sporty element to Laurie’s sheer nude skirt, as I have watched athletic wear become very popular in street styles (Which I’m not surprised by as it is so comfortable).
Tiara (NRomanoff)-30
Tiara (NRomanoff)-10
Tiara (NRomanoff)-9
Laurie’s high-waisted underwear are so fun, with the textured material and sheer cut-outs! They are the perfect statement piece to put under her sheer garments.
Tiara (NRomanoff)-31
Here I layered a mesh dress of mine with Laurie’s mesh pieces, and I love the look it creates – layering mesh may be something I do more often!
Tiara (NRomanoff)-16
Tiara (NRomanoff)-22
I love how Laurie’s designs are so delicate and soft, yet they create such a bold look. Huge thanks to Nicole and Laurie for helping me do what I love!

– Tiara

2 thoughts on “See Through Me

  1. closetspace November 12, 2015 / 2:51 pm

    Such a bombshell, absolutely loved this!!

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