Drowning in Laurie Brown

Tiara (NRomanoff)-25

I am excited to show you Laurie Brown’s Fall 2015 Knit Collection! This collaboration was captured by Nicole Romanoff of Nicole Romanoff Photography! I have always admired Laurie’s creativity, and all the unique and gorgeous pieces she creates. Laurie knitted these pieces with comically long knitting needles, and the bulky knit patterns that result are quite beautiful (not to mention extremely warm and comfortable)! These pieces created a high-end fashion look, I almost felt like I was doing a shoot for Vogue!

Tiara (NRomanoff)-8

Tiara (NRomanoff)-15

Tiara (NRomanoff)-26

Tiara (NRomanoff)-3

Tiara (NRomanoff)-5

Tiara (NRomanoff)-1

Once again, huge thank you to Laurie Brown for her designs and to Nicole Romanoff for her stunning photographs!

– Tiara

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