Tangy Lemon Dessert

By now you all probably realize that I dip everything in chocolate, and truthfully it is because it makes everything better. These Glutino Lemon Wafers have the perfect tang to mix with a sweet chocolate and ice-cream.
I love these lemon flavoured wafers, they are light, crispy & creamy, and zesty. I will go through a box of these in one sitting if I don’t monitor myself. I usually just eat them out of the box, because they are delicious by themselves. However, today I decided to create a gluten & dairy-free dessert with them. I found that they compliment the ice-cream and chocolate perfectly, creating a refreshing and enjoyable dessert.
I enjoy using Glutino products because I know they are guaranteed gluten free, and all the products I blog about are also dairy free. It is so hard to find snacks that I can enjoy with my allergies, and I am so thankful I have found a great line of products!
~icecream used: Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss
~chocolate used: Enjoy Life: Mini Chocolate Chips

– Tiara

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