Glutino Toaster Pastries

Time to introduce your morning routine to some fun, Glutino has helped to make mornings a little bit easier with their toaster pastries!
bb3No matter what your mornings look like, these delicious toaster pastries will help to make them a little better. High in fibre and satisfying, these pastries just need to be popped into the toaster then served! The crust is very crispy and complements the filling. I guarantee that these don’t taste ‘gluten-free’, they are excitingly good! I like to pair these with a bowl full of fresh fruit and a cup of tea.bb1The Strawberry Toaster Pastry tastes like strawberry jam, sweet and familiar.bb2My favourite, the Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastry tastes like apple sauce, that refreshing taste of apple paired with sweet cinnamon!bb4A quick breakfast or a great snack!

– Tiara

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