Gluten Freedom!


The day I was ‘freed’ from gluten was a day I will always remember. At the time it was not yet a freedom for me, instead it was a major restriction. At first I took not being able to eat gluten as a punishment and I hated my body for it. Gluten-free bread was like cardboard and dessert was a thing of the past. However within the past year, gluten awareness has really taken off and there are so many new gluten-free options! I cannot believe how many delicious and healthy gluten-free snacks and meals are available now!

With time I accepted my dietary restrictions and learned how to enjoy them. Now I can understand how I am helping my body instead of being upset at what my body cannot do. The book Gluten Freedom really opened my eyes to a lot of helpful information and covered many intriguing topics that I never thought to research before. I was kindly sent the advance reading copy from Glutino and I am really happy I read it! If you have Celiac Disease, a Gluten Sensitivity or a Wheat Allergy I would highly recommend you picking this book up. Not only does it have tips and tricks but it really explains everything you need to know. There are even some great recipes!

And why not enjoy a great book with a great snack? I love Glutino’s Gluten-Free Potato Crisps! I haven’t enjoyed chips for a while because so many potato chips have gluten on them. But these chips are light, crispy, and delicious with just the perfect amount of flavour. They are great for movie night or any other time because who can resist chips? gf2


– Tiara

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