Hello everyone! I cannot believe that it is June already! On Sunday I attended the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival’s Pose Event! It took place outside on a beautiful sunny day, and I got to watch emerging and established designers’ creations! I love how unique, wearable, and detailed the clothing is! The designers have sure delivered quality collections!

Here are some wonderful pictures of the event taken by my lovely friend, Ally Forand.

pose1I love this pattern on the dress and pants!pose2I’m loving the knits and details in this collection! pose4Beautiful summer outfits!

After the fashion show, I visited multiple tents that were set up around river landing where I could purchase the designers creations! I purchased some items and I will be sure to make a separate blog post about those later on this week! image-2image-3Heres some close ups taken by Danielle Larson

pose3I couldn’t forget about the beautiful flowers!

Here is what I wore:pose5pose6


All in all, I am so thankful and lucky that I could attend this Fashion and Design Festival here in Saskatoon! I certainly am more inspired and knowledgeable and I’ve gained a lot from this experience!

– Tiara

Visit http://www.saskfashion.com to read more about the weekend!

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