First Day of SFDF!

First Day of SFDF!

Today I attended the first event of the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival at Midtown Plaza. I had fun watching how you can transform an outfit by adding multiple accessories, how to turn daytime makeup into a nighttime look and how to take daytime hair to a more glamorous look! I learnt about must-have trends and enjoyed the humour that the presenters brought to the stage. We also received lots of inside deals and a bag full of samples and coupons! (who doesn’t love that?) Check out more info here

Here is what I wore to the event:saskfashion3saskfashion5

Blazer: Costa Blanca
Shirt: Papillon
Jeans: Just USA
Shoes: Call It Spring
Jewelry: Frakas/Dutch Growers


I hope to see you at the following SFDF events!
– Tiara

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