DIY Makeup Repair

Eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, or any type of pressed powders are usually prone to breaking quite easily. I did not want to throw away this eyeshadow and waste it, so I decided to repair it instead. This is an easy and cheap DIY quick fix for broken pressed powders!

  • grab your broken pressed powder and put it on top of some newspapers or a protected surface, as rubbing alcohol can remove the finish on most surfaces
  • drop a little bit of rubbing alcohol into the pan onto the pressed powder until it is saturated 
  • use a toothpick to start pressing, smoothing and flattening the pressed powder (if the product is sticking to the toothpick or isn’t cooperating, add a little more rubbing alcohol)
  • once done, let the saturated pressed powder sit overnight and ensure it is completely dry before using it
  • while you have the rubbing alcohol out, you can use it to sterilize and clean the rest of your makeup 

This simple DIY is quite useful and saves both the product and your money!

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