Glutino Tortilla Dippers

Glutino Tortilla Dippers

These Tortilla Dippers or taco chips from Glutino are a great Gluten-free snack option!
These chips taste pretty much just like a regular corn chip, but I found I could actually taste the corn a bit more! I also liked that they weren’t as salty as other corn chips usually are! My favourite thing about these chips is the shape. They are perfectly shaped to hold one end and to scoop up all the dip with the flat side!
You can load these chips up with salsa, or any dip or topping you want, they are quite versatile!


The Glutino Gluten-Free Gurus gave me this information about living with Celiac Disease and I am going to share it with all of you!

1. Slathering on sunscreen? Beware of hidden gluten! Sometimes, topical hair and skin products can pose a problem for people living with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. That’s because products like sunscreen and hairspray use gluten as a binding or thickening ingredient. Be careful when spraying these gluten-full products as it can result in accidental ingestion of gluten. Just like you would a menu or food item – read the labels and look for a natural, gluten free option. – Lauren Lucille Vasser

2. Dining out? Don’t forget to pay compliments to the chef! Beware, while there is no gluten in the recipe, many pastry chefs dust the pan with bread crumbs or flour to make it easier to remove the cake once it’s baked. How can you know for sure? Always request to speak with the chef. Start by praising the gluten-free menu then ask all the right questions. Then you know exactly how your food is being prepared – and they know to be extra careful. – Beth Hillson

3. No gluten? No carbs? Big problem! Having celiac disease and living gluten free doesn’t mean living carb-free. Incorporating carbs into a gluten-free lifestyle is important for people living with celiac disease. Carbohydrates are essential for maintaining energy, especially if you are active. Fuel up for a workout with gluten free versions of pasta and bread (just be sure that you’re not eating these things 5 minutes before you leave for the gym…)! – Dasha Gaiazova

4. Think twice before you pucker up! Many lipsticks and lip glosses have a hidden ingredient: gluten. Using gluten-full products on your lips is an easy way to accidentally ingest gluten. Seek out a gluten free lipstick or lip gloss, they’re not hard to come by, trust me! – Lauren Lucille Vasser

5. Cooking at home? A common misconception is that gluten can be cooked off by heat. This is dead wrong! Scrubbing with soap and hot water is the only way to remove gluten, especially from surfaces like grills and pans. In addition, porous materials like cutting boards and Teflon coated pans cannot be cleaned sufficiently. Consider buying a second set, label them gluten free, and don’t use them for preparing anything with gluten. – Beth Hillson

– Tiara

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