Glutino Multigrain Crackers

Glutino Multigrain Crackers

glutinocrackers1The funny packaging is right, these crackers are great for breakfast, lunchfast, dinnerfast and snackfast! These gluten and dairy-free crackers are great because they are quite good by themselves but also taste exceptional with sweet or salty toppings.
I love spreading jelly on top of the cracker, then adding a few berries!

What I love: These crackers come in two individual sealed bags in the box, so you can open one bag with the rest of the crackers remaining fresh! I also love the funny phrases and words Glutino has added to their new packaging. I like that they also have a recipe on the back of the box showing how they like to use the crackers! All of these prove that Glutino really thinks outside the box when creating their packaging and food items!glutinocrackers2
Check them out here

– Tiara

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