Room Purification Spray

As promised, here are my favourite room purification sprays made with essential oils. This room spray is very easy to make, which is perfect because I go through it so quickly. You can choose which essential oils you’d like to add, however I’ll go over some of my go-to scents!

Lavender Orange

The lavender and orange essential oils create an uplifting and relaxing scent, and the addition of eucalyptus essential oil helps to purify the air even more. This mix is effective at cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing the air in your home! 

  • Lavender Essential Oil: provides a beautiful soothing scent along with natural disinfectant properties
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil: is great at cleaning and cutting through grease and dirt and freshens the air with great deodorizing properties
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil: very good for cleaning the air as it has proven disinfectant and antiseptic properties

Cinnamon Orange

This is my comfort spray. The cinnamon, orange, lavender and vanilla create a comforting and warm scent. I use this spray most commonly during fall time.

  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil: helps relieve negative emotions associated with anxiety, anger, and depression by promoting feelings of happiness and warmth
  • Vanilla Essential Oil: has a calming effect on the brain reducing feelings of anger, stress, anxiety, and sadness
  • Lavender Essential Oil: has sedative, calming and antidepressive properties
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil: helps to reduce depression and anxiety, and invoke a better sleep

note: essential oils are listed in order of greatest amount to smallest amount added to room sprays

You Will Need

  • reusable glass spray bottle
  • distilled water (or cooled down boiled water)
  • witch hazel
  • essential oils of choice


  • fill 1/4 of the bottle with witch hazel
  • add in 20-40 drops of essential oils of your choice
  • mix the witch hazel and essential oils by shaking the spray bottle vigorously
  • fill the rest of the bottle (3/4) with distilled water or water that has been previously boiled and has cooled down
  • shake before every use

note: I usually use reusable amber bottles as they protect the essential oils from exposure to sunlight – however I am currently using them all for other DIY projects so I reused this clear glass container that previously had a facial toner in it that I had purchased and used up.

Be careful of how much you spray around hardwood or tile floors as the oil may cause it to get a bit slippery! If you are using darker coloured essential oils, they might stain fabrics, rugs or carpets. If you have pets, make sure that the essential oils you are using are safe for your pets. Also, never use plastic spray bottles for your DIY room spray as the chemicals from the plastic will leach out into your spray – ew.

Have fun creating this simple DIY project or creating your own spray scent based off of your favourite scents. Enjoy!

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