My Favourite Apps

My Favourite Apps

Yes I know, this generation uses and depends on their phones way too much. I try to be careful of how often I use mine and try to pretend it doesn’t exist when visiting, however our phones can also be a useful tool. I adore my iPhone and I have found a lot of amazing apps that I am going to share with you and here they are:

1. AfterLight
This app really covers all the bases. You can edit the colour, brightness contrast, etc. as well as great filters and light flares. You can also adjust the size of your photo and add really cute frames. This app has it all. $0.99

2. Rhonna Designs This app allows you to put many different (and very cute) designs onto your picture, allowing you to adjust the colour, size and transparency. $1.99

3. ColorSplash This app gives you the control to take any part of your picture and turn it grey or coloured, bringing more focus and attention to a particular area! $0.99

4. Waterloque This app turns any picture into a water-colour with many different water-colour techniques available! $2.99

1. Yoga Studio So I am pretty sure this app may have saved my life. I LOVE this app, it has little videos of various yoga classes at any skill level that you can select to download. Calming music plays in the background while a relaxing voice tells you what to do. Worth every cent. $2.99

2. Period Tracker Deluxe Super convenient for well, ladies, do I need to say more? (There is also a free version of this app) $1.99

3. End Anxiety this app talks you through a 30 min deep relaxation or hypnotic session to decrease anxiety and help to reroute negative thoughts. I really enjoy this app. FREE

1.Buycott create change, and live more sustainably by learning about who to support when purchasing every day products! FREE

2. Think Dirty GET THIS APP. As easy as quickly scanning your body products, this app will tell you about all of the ingredients in the product. It also suggests safer products to use, and get rid of your toxic products. If you scan a product, and it is not in the database, no problem! You can submit the name and a few pictures and the product will eventually be added to their system!

3. Shazam Anytime you hear a song you like, tap this app to listen and it will tell you the song, artist, album, when it was released, the lyrics, and you have the option of looking when the next concert will be, the bio of the band, and to listen to it for free. FREE

4. Dream Pro This app records any noise throughout the night and in the morning you can listen to how you sleep, what you say, and anything else that picks up. Its kinda creepy but also somewhat funny to hear what exactly you do when you sleep. $1.99

1. Instagram I’m addicted to this app, post pictures of what inspires you or what you see around you. Check me out at rawfashionblog

– Tiara

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