Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Balm Review

I have finally found a great lip product! I usually stay away from lipsticks, as they are always wearing off and dry my lips out. They are usually just too much work for me to bother with. However, this Clinique product has me sold. I have Clinique’s Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in ‘Plushest Punch’.
While wearing this I received so many complements on how good it looked, I was so surprised! It goes on super smooth and creamy. It is build-able and you can achieve different levels of intensity. I love how easily I can apply it and it instantly makes me look like I actually tried to look put together haha!
Application: this product is a twist up product, and is easy to apply as it comes pointed.
Scent: It smells like any other lipstick might, it is basically scentless.
Wear: This stuff does not dry out your lips at all, in fact it keeps them so moisturized!
Lasting Power: This product will rub off easily, however heres the thing, the pigment still stays on your lips! I tested it and put it on, ate breakfast, drank tea, etc. and after all of that I still had the intense colour I started with – it just wasn’t as glossy! I didn’t have problems with this product getting on my teeth either!
Removal: Even though it has amazing staying power, it is also quite easy to remove with face wash and water.
– Tiara


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