DIY Upcycled Candle

I love candles, lately my favourite kind of candle has been locally sourced and created pure beeswax candles. Pure beeswax candles actually release negative ions into the air which can help to purify the air in your home. I also really love that most of the time, pure beeswax candles do not have any packaging whatsoever! I make sure to stay away from candles with synthetic fragrances, synthetic wicks and plastic packaging. I burn so many beeswax candles that I usually end up with a lot of left over wax after the candle has finished burning. I save all this left over wax from my candles and when I have enough I melt it down to create a new candle! Here’s how I do it!

You will need

  • left over wax
  • cotton wick
  • old tin/container
  • double boiler
  • metal wick holder
  • pen


  • add all the left over wax into the top of the double boiler. Make sure you have water in the bottom of the double boiler! I found this double boiler secondhand at Value Village – however if you do not have a double boiler, you could put a glass bowl on top of an ordinary pot filled with water
  • put on the stove over low heat and stir every few minutes until all the wax is liquid
  • adhere your metal wick holder with the cotton wick in it with a few drops of wax under it and on top of it in the bottom of the container you’ve chosen to put your upcycled candle into
  • use a pen to wrap the wick around so it stays upright when you pour the rest of the wax into the container
  • pour the liquid wax into the container and allow your new candle to sit for a few hours or put it into the fridge to help it solidify faster

There you have it, a new-to-you candle made from used up candles. I love doing this because it ensures that I am not wasting a resource and I am fully utilizing it.

This is a great gift idea as well! Save your wax!

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