Delicious Gluten & Dairy-Free Lunch

T: Delicious Gluten & Dairy-Free Lunch

Hello Everyone! I decided to blog about my lunch because I was surprised how delicious it was. This meal is completely gluten and dairy-free! What you need is:

1 Tapioca Rice English Muffin (Kinnikinnick brand)
Daiya Chive & Onion Cream Cheese Style Spread
Natural Black Forest Sliced Ham
1 Ripe Tomato


1. Cut the english muffin in half and toast for about 3.5 minutes.
2. Spread an even layer of the Chive and Onion spread on.
3. Layer about 2 slices of meat on each slice.
4. Cut the tomato and put on each slice.
5. Add as many capers (to your desired taste)
6. Shake on pepper.


Hope you enjoy!!
– Tiara


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