November is my birthday month and I usually take this time to reflect on the past year, what I have done, what I am proud of, and what I want to work on changing. This past year I am proud of myself that I have started to thrift for items when I need to purchase something instead of buying new. I am finding it very enjoyable to spend a few hours (or even 20 minutes) combing through thrift stores and exploring all they have to offer. There is already so much stuff created in this world that I am challenging myself to give that stuff a home instead of purchasing newly created items.

I want to work towards a cleaner skincare regime and home environment. This will probably take a while to transition to, since I have to use up the products I have already accumulated. However, if I am in need of a new product I will start to look for (or make) better alternatives.


Here’s to turning 19 years old and trying my best to care more for my health and the environment!

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