DIY London Fog

T: DIY London Fog

I woke up today and it was snowing, so I decided to make myself a London Fog and watch the snow fall. I decided to learn how to make this steamer myself because most places don’t offer any dairy-free alternatives and I miss steamers! Also, this is a very affordable recipe, as you can reuse the ingredients for many more steamers! You’re probably also reducing waste as you will not need a paper cup like you would get from a coffee shop!

This will be dairy-free (and of course gluten-free also). The ingredients & items needed are:

    1. Silk True Almond Original
    2. Earl Grey Tea *
    3. Pure Almond Extract (or)
    4. Pure Vanilla Extract **
    5. A Mug
    6. A Pot
    7. A Whisk

* Use decaffeinated earl grey tea if you have an autoimmune disease.

** Do not use pure vanilla extract if you adhering to an AIP diet, or use alcohol-free extracts.


1. First fill your mug with Almond Milk, leaving about half an inch from the top.

2. Poor that milk into a small pot, and put it on your stove on Low Heat. You need to be very careful not to overheat the milk as it will burn, resulting in a bad flavour.


3. Every 3 minutes, give the milk a good whisk for about 30 seconds. (you should be creating a bubbly foam on top of the milk).


4. Prep your mug and put 4 drops of Pure Almond Extract in and 1 to 2 Earl Grey Teabags (depending on how strong you want it to taste).

5. After the milk is heated to a desired heat (about 15 minutes for me) pour it back into your mug.

6. Give it a stir and enjoy!


– Tiara

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