Tea Obsessed

I am completely tea obsessed! Lately, I have been loving peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is delightful alone or with honey. It is also quite beneficial for your health. Peppermint is known to aid in relaxation, reduce inflammation, help with stomach digestion and works as an immune booster. I drink peppermint tea as often as I can.

The ingredients in most peppermint tea mixes are also beneficial to your health:

  • Spearmint: aids in minimizing headaches and stress
  • Tarragon: aids in regulating metabolism & digestion
  • Lavender: relieves stress, inflammation & helps to minimize bloating

In addition to all these natural health benefits you also get lots of antioxidants to improve your overall health! As a sufferer from IBS, chronic anxiety and depression, I drink peppermint tea whenever my stomach or intestines are troubling me. It helps to calm them down. Peppermint tea is also a low FODMAP and great for other gastrointestinal disorders or diseases. One caution is that since peppermint tea is so relaxing, it may be too relaxing in some people and cause your sphincter to relax and allow stomach acid back up into the esophagus (so for people who have heartburn, avoid peppermint tea).

Now, let’s talk about the most sustainable ways to enjoy tea! Purchasing your tea in loose-leaf form in a reusable tin is the most environmentally friendly option. This is because you can keep reusing these items and there is no garbage for you to throw away! Also, most teabags have some percentage of plastic in them, immediately making them unsustainable. Next, you will need a reusable tea infuser. I would recommend a stainless-steel option as well, just because it is safer to use and will last longer (and can eventually be recycled). Lastly, you will definitely be needing a reusable mug. A reusable mug is needed when you are leaving the house or when you are out and about. I have a reusable mug at home and another one in my car. All of these items are easy to wash, using reusables is not a hassle whatsoever!

Next time you run out of tea, try purchasing your tea in loose-leaf form in a reusable tin – it will taste better, I promise!

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